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The Sixth Form at LVS Ascot is truly a place of opportunities, where students can study both A Level and BTEC qualifications.


Why LVS Ascot

There are schools and there are colleges. Some are exam factories that see only data, some confuse independence with a ‘hands-off’ approach that abandons the student. At LVS Ascot we recognise that if the student is happy then they will learn and succeed. We provide an environment where responsibility and independence are encouraged alongside support and friendship. Where new opportunities are always available but never compulsory. Where there are no cliques, no exclusivity, no inner circles, just a positive, welcoming community.

The real way to get what we do is to come and see us. I am sure that you will love the atmosphere, the campus but most importantly, the students and staff who make LVS Ascot such a complete place to be a Sixth Former. Email me for an appointment simon.moore@lvs.ascot.sch.uk

Life at LVS Ascot Sixth Form College

LVS Ascot Sixth Form provides the perfect balance for our students, blending focused teacher support and pastoral care so that our students can achieve academic success whilst enjoying a happy environment where they can truly thrive.

With a wide range of subjects to choose from, students are able to build upon the skills they have developed during their GCSEs in subjects such as maths, English literature or the sciences, or branch out to try something new such as politics, economics, textiles or criminology – many of the other wide ranging courses we provide. With BTEC courses also available, we aim to offer students the genuine opportunity to follow their passions.

The teaching groups are small and the teachers experienced, enthusiastic and specialist.

As well as subject lessons, students are able to enjoy enrichment opportunities with fascinating lectures, sporting activities and a range of courses on practical finance, study skills and the UCAS application process.

Additionally, they will have the chance to undertake the Duke of Edinburgh award and an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) which teaches them researching and presentational skills which can then be applied to their wider studies. All of this is specifically designed to help our students to stand out when it comes to the time to take the next steps beyond A levels.

The newly developed Sixth Form Centre allows students the space to socialise and study in an area that is uniquely theirs, whilst still maintaining the buzz and community that is being part of the wider LVS community. We encourage our sixth formers to act as role models to the lower years and get involved in fund raising, school productions and sports teams whilst our prefects co-ordinate the ever-important student voice within the school.

There are a variety of visiting speakers who come in throughout the year. They are challenging, informing and inspiring and provoke debate and open minds with a range of subjects from the rehabilitation of offenders to stories of great personal struggle or lives of service.

Perhaps, most importantly, LVS Ascot Sixth Form is an environment where students find support, friendship and a real sense of community.

The Sixth Form is truly a place of opportunities and I look forward to welcoming you in joining us.

– Simon Moore, Head of Sixth Form

Scholarships, Awards and Help with Fees

There are a number of Scholarships and Awards available for students entering our Sixth Form. Full details can be found on our Scholarships page.

Extended Project Qualification

We’ve expanded the EPQ programme to encourage our students to broaden their education and provide valuable experience for interviews, personal statements and UCAS applications to give them the best preparations to get to their preferred university. Find out more about our EPQ programme here.

Enrichment Opportunities

We offer opportunities to challenge our Sixth Form students to develop themselves outside of the academic curriculum.

These opportunities include:

Duke of Edinburgh Gold – Walking and canoeing expeditions
Theory Driving test lessons
Volunteering at the LVS Ascot Infant & Junior School and other local primary schools
Debating Society
Government and Politics
Opportunities to learn a musical instrument
Horse riding lessons
A wide range of Health and Fitness sessions

Student Progress

In the LVS Sixth Form, a great deal of emphasis is placed upon developing independent study which helps students prepare for Higher Education and beyond when unsupervised research becomes more important.

At the start of Year 12, all students are given a target grade formulated through a nationally recognised process called ALIS. This is an accurate way of predicting what a student could be expected to achieve given their previous performance and general educational awareness.

Student effort, attendance and performance are tracked daily and are formally assessed every three weeks. The key focus is on getting the student into a suitable working pattern that facilitates their progress and enhances their ability to manage their workload and interests. Communication between teachers and parents and vice-versa is welcomed at every stage, either informally or by way of meetings and reports.

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